Daily Prayer No. 99


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Thursday Morning Prayers
MERCIFUL God, whose loving-kindness and faithfulness are new every morning, we once more thank You with heart and lips that You have bade us arise from our beds in health and peace, and have preserved our bodies from harm and our souls from sin. How great is Your goodness, O Lord, so that men trust under the shadow of Your wings, and find there a secure refuge.
Once more we behold the daylight, give us therefore grace to walk in the light, and avoid the works of darkness. May we count that day as lost wherein we have bowed to the service of the evil world, and ruled our lives by its fashions and follies, of which we shall have to give account at Your judgment-seat. Let us rather consecrate ourselves to Your service; . in all our wishes, thoughts, and undertakings may we seek what is pleasing in Your sight, and may the whole day thus be hallowed to You. Let us ever so live and speak and act as though this day might be our last
But now, O Lord, after the dark hours wherein we lay as children in Your fatherly arms, You have once more bestowed, as it were, a new life upon us, whither then shall we turn but to You? We knock at Your door of grace, we approach the Fountain of blessing, whence mercy after mercy, help after help, is ever flowing forth to the children of men. Give us counsel when we are in perplexity, direct and control all our plans by Your will; kindle in us such a flame of love, that we may to-day show our Christian faith in our works, and continue in charity with You and our neighbors, till we reach the evening in the peace of a good conscience. What You bless is blessed; and when You open Your hand, all living things are filled with plenteousness. Hear then the voice of our prayer when we call upon You, and keep not silence, O our God. Let the cry of the poor, the sick, and the sorrowful find acceptance with You. And hearken graciously to the prayers of all Your people, of all whom we love, and to these our imperfect petitions for Jesus Christ’s sake. Amen (Stark J 1740)

Book: Prayers From the Collection of the Late Baron Bunsen


Daily Prayer No. 98


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Saturday Morning Prayer
MOST merciful God and Father, we commend ourselves and all that we have to Your Almighty hands, and pray You preserve us by Your good Spirit from all sin, misfortune, and grief of heart. Give us the Spirit of grace and prayer, that we may have a consoling trust in Your love, and that our sighs and petitions may be acceptable in Your sight. Give us the Spirit of faith to kindle a bright flame of true and blessed faith in our hearts, that we may have a living knowledge of salvation, and our whole life may be a thank-offering for the mercies we have received. Give us the Spirit of love, that we may experience the sweetness of Your love toward us, and also love You in return; and render our obedience not from constraint like slaves, but with the willing and joyful hearts of children. And let the love of You work in us a genuine love to our fellow-men, warm and unselfish, not considering what profit or harm we may expect from them, but ready always to do for them what we would have them do for us. Bless Your word and all the means of grace to our use, and let us grow daily more and more, — by patience, gentleness, sobriety, and humility, — into the likeness of Your dear Son.

We pray not only for ourselves, but according to His command for all men whom You have created, redeemed, and called to Your grace. Have mercy on the darkness in which so many nations and so large a portion of the world are yet lying, and let them be enlightened by the light of Your dear Son and Your holy Gospel. Have mercy on the whole Christian Church. Look especially on the congregations of faithful men to whom You have entrusted the precious treasure of Your true Gospel; preserve them in the faith, teach them to walk worthy of the high calling wherewith they are called; purify them from all abuses and evils, and let them bring forth much fruit. Have mercy on those congregations into which many errors have crept; lead them into the right way, and let all hearts be united in one Spirit in the bonds of love and peace, that at last divisions may have an end.

O bounteous God, pour out Your blessing on all families, and on all the lawful occupations of men. Make our land fruitful, and suffer us to enjoy its fruits in health, peace, and thankfulness. Especially we commend to Your fatherly goodness all who are in any affliction, the sick and the sorrowful, the tempted and the destitute, the captives and those who are oppressed by war or tyranny. Comfort them by Your Holy Spirit; let not their trials be too sore for them; give them patience and an inward assurance of Your goodness. Let their sufferings work together for the purifying of their souls and the renewal of the inner man; and in outward things do to them as seems best to Your fatherly wisdom. Now we commit ourselves and all Your children everywhere into Your hands; grant that in soul and body, in all our works and ways, we may show forth Your glory and our gratitude, through Jesus Christ our only Saviour, to whom with You and the Holy Ghost be all praise and glory, forever and ever. Amen (Spener, 1676)

Daily Prayer No. 97


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Friday Morning Prayer
LORD our God, we will praise You and speak of Your love, for Your goodness is unbounded, and Your mercy is unfathomable. Great is Your grace and glorious is Your righteousness; long-suffering and faithful are You, and holy in all Your works. Lord, we acknowledge our unworthiness and Your greatness, our nothingness and Your perfection. Without You we can do nothing, but You can give us all things.

We are weak, but in You is our strength; we are ignorant, but in You is our light; we are helpless, but You are the Fountain of all the good things that we enjoy. In truth, we are not worthy of the mercies that You have bestowed on us. We praise You, O heavenly Father, that You have created us in Your image, and have called on us to bring our souls and bodies a living sacrifice to You, which is our reasonable service.

We therefore offer to You our wills; let us wish and purpose only what You will. We offer to You our lips; let us use them for Your praise, not to utter shameful words or foolish and unseemly talk. We offer to You our members; make them the instruments of righteousness, and let us not misuse them in any wrong or sinful act. We bring You our hearts, impure and blemished though they be; wash them in the blood of Christ, cleanse them by Your Holy Spirit, sanctify them to be Your temple wherein You reign, filling them with living faith, grace and love. We consecrate to You our lives; may we live henceforward according to Your Word, and obey in all things the inward voice of Your Spirit.

So would we show our thankfulness to You; teach us to thank You better and better. You have been our Guide from childhood, You have led us wondrously, saved us in many a danger, preserved us from many a calamity. You have comforted us in sorrow, and kept us from sinking under cares and anxieties. You have heard our prayers, and borne with our misdoings. Therefore shall Your praise be ever in our lips, now and for ever. Amen (Modern anon.)

Daily Prayer No. 96



Thursday Morning Prayer
LORD, Almighty God, Father of Light, with whom is no change of darkness and light, from whom all good and perfect gifts do come, we pray to You now for Your great gift of faith. Increase in us from day to day by Your Holy Spirit a true and lively faith in You and Your Son Jesus Christ; that we may live worthily to Your good pleasure, be fruitful in all good works, and grow in patience and forbearance, goodness and happiness.

Give us strength according to the riches of Your glory, that we may be strengthened with might in the inner man, and that Christ may dwell in our hearts by faith. O God, since no man knows the Son but the Father, and none can know the Father save the Son and he to whom the Son will reveal Him; draw us now, we pray, to Your Son, that He may lead us to You. Give us to know Your salvation, even the forgiveness of our sins. Since You have kindled a spark of faith and trust in our hearts, and have begun a good work within us, we pray for You to perfect it to the end, that we may become richer in all experience and wisdom, that we may be found pure and without offense in the day of the Lord, filled with the fruits of righteousness to Your glory.

Preserve what You have wrought in us, that we may show ourselves good soldiers of Christ, may keep our consciences blameless, and not suffer shipwreck in the time of trial and temptation. Suffer us not to be led astray by the many errors, divisions, and wrong opinions in the world. Guard us from superstition and all false worship, nor let us fall into doubt and unbelief. And give us Your grace, that the faith You have inspired be no dead inactive thing, but a living and mighty energy that shows itself in works of love, and shall bring us at last to the end of all faith, even the eternal blessedness of our souls; for Christ’s sake. Amen (Habermann 15 16-1590)

Daily Prayer No. 95


Monday Morning Prayer

THE night is departed; the daylight is come; awake then, O soul and heart, praise our God, and meditate on what His will appoints to you today to do for Him!
O Lord God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, You are the only true and living God, who has made heaven and earth, light and darkness, day and night, times and seasons, and has maintained them in unshaken order for the welfare of us Your children. You have been our Guardian through this night, and that we are yet united together, that we are alive and well, is of Your goodness. We thank You that You have kept us in the shelter of Your hand, so that when darkness was around us, when sleep had closed our eyes, and we lay helpless and lonely in unconsciousness. You have guarded us from sin and shame, from fear and terror, from harm and loss, from sickness and death. And we would remember in this morning hour the many benefits we have received from Your fatherly hand; how You didst create us with soul and body, when as yet we were not; didst redeem us when we were lost; didst sanctify us when we had forsaken You; and have preserved us to this day, though we are not worthy of Your care. And since we receive all these Your gifts afresh with the new day, and are as it were born afresh to a new life, so let us anew offer ourselves to You, and praise and love and honor You with all we are and all we have, to-day and for evermore.
Now, O my God, You know that every day has also its own trouble; that we are sinful and weak and heavy-laden, and every morning feel anew our cares and our infirmities. Let not then Your kindness cease from us, visit us not for our sins with Your displeasure; forsake us not, that the enemy of our souls may have no advantage over us. Let not to-day be a day of falling in which we trifle with Your grace; let not our conscience sleep, O Father of Light, when our bodily eyes are open; let us do and say and think and undertake nothing that can hurt our neighbor or our own souls. May we put on the Lord Jesus Christ and His righteousness, and as children of light be found of You and all men. God-fearing, just, truthful, upright, prudent, modest, and temperate. Let us not eat the bread of idleness; but let all indolence, indifference, and disorder be far from our occupations. Let us throughout the day fulfil the necessary duties of our various callings, forgetting nothing, neglecting nothing; failing neither through haste and impatience, nor a presumptuous procrastination. O Lord, we will do all things to-day in Your name, so let us begin with gladness and end with joy. Show us Yourself in everything how we may best promote Your glory and be of use to others. Grant us to bear the burden and heat of the day with patience, and give us to-day our daily bread. To You we commit ourselves from morn to evening; prosper You our words and works.
Gracious God and merciful Father! You have once more caused Your sun to rise on the evil and the good. Have mercy then on both; and let no human being this day fall to utter ruin whether of body or soul. Grant that to-day throughout Christendom You mayst be truly served; that in all temporal government some good and wise measures may be resolved on; that in every family something useful may be accomplished; and so this day maybe hallowed by each in his own way and to Your glory. Hear You Your pious children who cry to You in the morning. Forgive the godless who are beginning the day without prayer, and are about to spend one more day without You. Look down in pity on all the sick and suffering, the sorrowful, and the timid. Be the guide of the travelers who are starting to-day upon their journey. Provide for the poor who know not this day what they may have to eat and drink. Grant to all who would gain an honest living the opportunity of work to-day; and let all laborers fulfil with honesty their daily task. Guard those whose lawful work summons them to danger; and uphold those who sink and are weary beneath the burden of their toil. To You we commend ourselves, those whom we love, all with whom we come in contact; have mercy, O God, on all Your creatures, and Yours be the praise and the glory for ever and ever. Amen.

Neumann 1648-1715.

Daily Prayer No. 94


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Almighty GOD, who has spared our lives and brought us to the beginning of another day, we lift up our hearts to You. We thank You for rest during the past night, for life preserved, and strength renewed, and for the many tokens of Your lovingkindness which surround us.

We thank You also for our religious privileges; especially for Your Sabbath, with its precious opportunities of instruction. We pray that the truths which we hear on Your holy day may influence us throughout the week. May we thus become more wise, more earnest, more spiritually minded.

And now, O Lord, prepare us for the duties and trials which lie before us. Whatever we have to do, may we do it willingly and heartily, as unto You. and not as unto men. Show us our besetting sins, and grant that we may watch and fight against them. Give us grace to take up our cross, whatever it may be, to exercise constant self-denial, and in all things to follow our Master, Christ.

If we should be tempted this day to impatience and anger, enable us to remember Him, who when He was reviled did not revile again, when He suffered he did not  threaten. Give us more of the mind which was in Christ Jesus. Make us more like Him in lowliness and meekness. Make us kind one to another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another; ready to bear each other s burdens, and so to fulfil the law of Christ.

Do not let the world with its cares and vanities fill our hearts this day, and thus make us forget the worth of our souls, the love of our Savior, and the nearness of eternity. While we are busy in the world, may our hearts rise above it.

May Your Holy Spirit continually quicken and guide, cleanse and sanctify us. May He work in us to will and to do of His good pleasure. May He implant within us pure desires and heavenly affections, and teach our tongues to speak Your praise.

Make us, O God, a blessing to one another; help us to strengthen one another’s faith, and to assist one another in the way to heaven. Be with our absent relatives and friends, and bring them all to the saving knowledge of Christ.

Lord, watch over us, and all who are dear to us, this day. Defend our souls from the assaults of the wicked one, and preserve our bodies in health and safety. O let nothing draw our hearts from You. May all Your wise and merciful dealings bind us more closely to You and fit us better for Your service. May we walk in the light of Your countenance, and know the happiness of those who have the Lord for their God. Hear us, Heavenly Father, and when You hear us forgive us, for the sake of Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Book: Family Prayers for Eight Weeks
Author: Charles Brooks
Edited by: Karrol 2018

Evening Prayer by Cotterill


Almighty and everlasting God be pleased to dispose the hearts of Your servants to close this day with serious reflection and fervent prayer. Your name, O Lord, endures forever from one generation to another.  Your merciful kindness is ever more and more towards us. You load us daily with Your benefits and give us richly all things to enjoy.  We praise You for continuing our life, with all its comforts; for blessing us in our families, in our persons, and in our friends.  Help us to see Your hand, and Your providence, in all our concerns.  We thank You for Your fountain of eternal love.  We bless You for Jesus Christ, through whom these and all Your other mercies are promised. We adore You for having delivered Him up for our salvation. 

Truly Your ways are not as our ways, nor Your thoughts as our thoughts. As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are Your ways higher than ours. O Lord our God, who is like You, that pardons iniquity and  that does not retain Your anger forever, because You delight in mercy?  Since You have promised that all things are ours, if we are Christ’s, mercifully grant that we may be made partakers of His great salvation. Justify us freely through the redemption that is in Him. Though sin has abounded in us, let Your grace abound much more.

From all evil and mischief, from sin, from the crafts and assaults of the devil, from Your wrath, and from everlasting damnation, good Lord, deliver us. Grant that Christ, the hope of glory, may be formed in our hearts and that, having this blessed hope, we may purify ourselves, even as He is pure. Show us all the things, in our hearts and lives, which are displeasing in Your sight. May we abstain from every practice, and mortify every desire, which would cause You to withdraw Your presence from us. Make us holy in thought, word, and deed; abhorring that which is evil, and cleaving to that which is good.

May we daily be established in grace and find the joy of the Lord to be our strength. As in times past You taught the hearts of Your faithful people, by sending to them the light of Your Holy Spirit, so may we, by the same Spirit, have a right judgment in all things, and evermore rejoice in His holy comfort.

May Your good providence provide us rest and protection this night. You, Lord, are our refuge, our fortress, and our merciful God, in whom we trust. May we abide safely under Your almighty shadow. Let Your truth and faithfulness be our shield and buckler. May no evil befall us, nor any plague come nigh our dwelling.

Grant, we ask You, Almighty Father, that Your goodness and mercy may follow us all the days of our life. Be our continual ruler and guide; and teach us to pass through things temporal, that we may not lose the things eternal.

With these prayers for ourselves, we offer up our earnest intercessions for our friends, relations, and neighbors, and for all our fellow-creatures. O God, the Creator and Preserver of all mankind, we humbly ask that You make Your ways known to all conditions of men and give Your saving health to all nations.

More especially, we pray for the Universal Church, that it may be so guided and governed by Your good Spirit, that all who profess and call themselves Christians may be led into the way of truth, and hold the faith in unity of spirit, in the bond of peace, and in righteousness of life.

Finally, we commend to Your fatherly goodness all those who are in any way afflicted or distressed in mind, body, or estate; we ask You to comfort and relieve them according to their several necessities, giving them patience under their sufferings, and a happy issue out of all their afflictions.  These things we ask for Jesus Christ’s sake, in whose blessed name and words we further pray — Our Father …

From Cotterill’s Family Prayers (1832)
Heavily Revised

Thoughts on the Lord’s Prayer


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Our Father.

By a multiplicity of rights and of titles, Father.

  1. By title of creation, whereby He made us to His own image.
  2. Of adoption, through the grace, whereby He made us His heirs, and joint-heirs of His only begotten Son. Oh, how justly we call Him Father, who is so many times ready to receive us, when we sin, into the same favor as before, that He may at length admit us also to the glory, which is the inheritance of the sons of God! Dearly bought, indeed, was this relationship of Father by the Son of God, who only secured it for us by the death of the cross, and with the price of His blood.
  3. He is Father by His Providence, in sustaining the body with so many creatures given us for food and medicine; and in so lovingly providing for the soul by so many aids of grace and salvation; so that, on this single account, He alone truly deserves to be called Father. Therefore, He says. Call none Your father upon earth; for One is Your Father, who is in heaven. And rightly, for my father and my mother have forsaken me; (since without God, what assistance can they afford to my soul, or even to my body?) but the Lord has taken me up; He never forsakes us but when we forsake Him.
  4. By discipline and correction. For a father reproves and chastises the son whom He loves.
  5. He is Father by His indulgence and love. As a father has compassion on His children, so has the Lord compassion on them that fear Him. So, then, if He is a Father, I am indeed a son. Oh, how great a dignity is this! It is but just, then, that I should render Him the duty of a true son, by love, obedience, and respect. How base would it be, if I, who have been thus, promoted from the bondage of so vile a slavery, should become degenerate, and offend so good a Father!

He would have us, moreover, begin our prayer to Him with this address, to assure us of obtaining what we ask, in approaching God as a Father; and because He glories in this name of Father, He delights in being so addressed. Let us, then, approach Him with the affection of sons, endeavor to please Him in all things, and ask those things which it becomes such a Father to give.


We say our, not my Father,

1st. Because, though He has one Son only by nature, He would have as many sons as possible by adoption, both angels and men; and this in such a way, that each may rejoice as much in the gift of sonship as if He had no fellow. For the gifts of God are not lessened by being communicated to many.

2nd. Although He is not only generally the Father of all, but also of each particularly, He would, nevertheless, be called our Father, to remind us of brotherly charity, without distinction of rank, dignity, or age; to love one another as brothers, and to pray for all in common, despising none. So, speaks Malachias. Have you not all one Father? Has not one God created us? Why, then, does every one of us despise His brother? Yet nothing forbids me at times, as my affection may lead me, thus, to address God in private, because I am within full right His adopted son, as if I were the only one.

Who is in heaven

Although God is in every place, we name heaven in particular,

1st. To excite in ourselves a reverence for His Majesty, which resides in heaven as its throne.

2d. To raise our minds to heaven, where is the home and the inheritance of the sons of God.

3d. That we may understand that here we are exiles and pilgrims, and that we ought to live in such a way that our conversation may be in heaven.

4th. To remind myself, to raise my eyes and my heart, from where my only help shall come to me.

Again? heaven, and the peculiar seat of God, are those holy souls that are raised above the earth, in which God dwells by grace, and specially illuminates them with the light of His knowledge.

After the introduction; now follow the petitions.

1. Hallowed be Your name.

Be esteemed, as You are, holy, pure, just, true, and good. God holds nothing so high as to be esteemed and proclaimed holy. Hence, He so often says. Be holy, because I am holy. Hence, He was angry with Moses and Aaron, because they had not sanctified Him at the waters of contradiction before the children of Israel. Again, the only song of the blessed is, Holy, holy, holy.

  1. He says not, Your power, or Your majesty, but Your name; to comprehend in one all that is named by us which belongs to God, as being all holy, and to be celebrated accordingly. For He is named almighty, wise, creator, and so forth.
  2. He says, Your name; for it is Your name only which is holy in itself, where comes the drop of which the just partake. Therefore, not our but Your. To the king eternal, immortal, and invisible, the only God, be honor and glory forever and ever; but to us confusion of face. Why, then, do we so anxiously seek our own glory, and a great name, who ought rather to desire to be unknown and despised?
  3. He says, hallowed: He, simply, with no restriction to particular persons, because we should wish this done by every creature of those that are in heaven, on earth, and under the earth; nor to a particular time, because it is right that the name of the Lord should be praised throughout all time.
  4. Again, the name of God is hallowed when men believe what He reveals, hope for what He promises, do what He commands, worship Him as He has taught, love Him with their whole heart, and attest their love by their works; that they who see our good deeds may glorify their Father who is m heaven. It is a prayer worthy of a true and virtuous son, to desire nothing before or beyond the glory of His father, and to prefer His honor to all things. Not to us, O Lord, not to us, but to Your name give glory. Blessed be the name of the Lord, from henceforth, now, and forever.

2. Your kingdom, come.

Yet He reigns in heaven and in earth, in the sea, and everywhere; all things, whether they will or not, serve Him, and under His dominion are all things. We pray, therefore,

  1. For that kingdom, by which He now reigns in the just by grace, who are in all things subject to Him.
  2. For that by which He reigns in the blessed by glory. This last will come to us if we continue to the end in the former.
  3. And therefore He says, Your kingdom come, as if of its own accord. And indeed, all long for this last kingdom; but not for the first, because that is connected with hardship. For justice is acquired and preserved by mortification of the flesh, and by restraint of the concupiscence which reigns in our members.
  4. That kingdom, which shall be consummated and made perfect, when God shall be all in all, in the resurrection of the dead, which the souls of the blessed expect.
  5. Your kingdom, not the kingdom of the world, which the children of this world seek after, and which consists in nothing but perishable goods, endless cares, and numberless dangers; much less the kingdom of sin, the utter overthrow of which I long for. It is for sons to sigh continually for their country, and, in preference to all other things, to seek their paternal inheritance. Woe is me that my sojourning is prolonged! I desire to He dissolved, and to be with Christ. As the hart pants after the fountains of water, so my soul pants after You, O God.

3. Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

  1. Your will alone is ever good, and just, and perfect, in all things. To the knowledge of this He gently leads us by counsel, by precept, and by inspiration, as well as by the commands of those who are set over us in God’s name. It is enough for us to do His will, that God wills and enjoins what we are to perform, so that if I obey His commandments, I shall merit life, but if otherwise, death.
  2. Not my will, which is perverse, but Your. Nor yet the flesh’s, which is contrary to the spirit; nor the world’s, which is vain; nor the devil’s, which is malignant; but Your will only, which is the rule of uprightness. For what is Your will but our sanctification? Since You require nothing of us but what is for our benefit; not Yours, for You do not need our goods.

As the will of God is done by the angels in heaven, where there is no rebellion of a perverse will, so also may it be done on earth, perfectly, promptly, speedily, courageously, lovingly, and readily. .

  1. Teach me, O Lord, to do Your will; for You are my God. Behold, O Lord, I am Your servant. Lord, what will You have me to do? Speak, Lord, for Your servant hears.

4. Give us this day our daily bread.

  1. The bread of grace and of the word of God. For man does not live by bread alone, but his soul also has need of sustenance. For, as the life of man is twofold, so is the food or bread twofold, whereby he is sustained.
  2. Chiefly, and principally, the living bread, which came down from heaven, the super-substantial bread of the Eucharist, which strengthens the heart of man, and confirms his spirit.
  3. Corporal bread, which is necessary for sustaining life; for which, He would not have us solicitous, or over anxious, since He bids us look for it from the divine blessing.
  4. Our, not my, because it is common, and to be shared among our brethren, who all acknowledge the same God and Father of all; who would have his gifts supply the necessity, not of one, or of a few, but of all.
  5. Daily: if meant of spiritual food, not that which is the portion of the few singularly beloved, of which I count myself unworthy, but that common and as it were necessary portion, without which we cannot live. If of bodily food, not that which abounds for the supply of luxury and merriment nor to be laid up for many years but for our daily use and necessity.
  6. Give us; for we must pray for all as our brethren, even although they hate us. Pray for them that persecute and calumniate you. If you see your enemy hungry, feed him.
  7. This day, because he would have us ask every day, and be always dependent on his providence. He also calls us off from and unnecessary anxiety for tomorrow after the example of the manna which of old was given day by day. The eyes of all hope in You, O Lord. Give them food in due season. Open Your hand and fill with blessing every living creature.

5.           Forgive us our debts, as we also forgive our debtors

  1. Many are the debts we owe to God: in many things we offend all, both by evil done, and by good left undone, which we ought to have done. Unless God of His mercy forgives us, who can endure? If He will deal with us in the rigor of justice, who will answer one of a thousand? So that our only refuge is His mercy.
  2. But this will fail us, if we do not forgive our neighbors their offences, which are small, however, compared with our debt of ten thousand talents, which we owe to God. Yet such is the goodness of God, that He is ready to forgive ten thousand, if we remit the thousand.
  3. But see and beware. He will forgive as You as you forgive and this conditional clause you add to Your prayer. If You forgive grudgingly, slowly, insincerely, and imperfectly, expect and fear to receive the same measure from God. He merely pronounces sentence against himself, who asks for his debts to be forgiven him, while he does not forgive his own debtors, and that from his heart! If You will mark iniquities, O Lord, Lord, who shall endure it?

6. And Lead us Not into temptation.

We do not pray not to be tempted, because it is often good for us to be so, and God therefore wisely permits it. But we pray not to yield to temptation, and. also that He may not suffer us to be tempted, when He sees that we shall give way. Temptation is often the occasion and ground for the exercise of virtue; but it belongs to God so to moderate temptation, and to help our weakness, that we may not be tempted above that we are able but may come off unhurt. Prove me, O Lord, and try me; burn my reins and my heart and see if there is in me the way of iniquity and lead me in the eternal way.

7. But deliver us from evil.

From evils of every kind. As the Church prays in the Mass: Deliver us, O Lord, we beseech You, from all evils, past, present, and to come; that is, temporal and eternal, both of soul and body.

Secondly, from the evil one; that is, the malignant spirit; that He may have no power of exercising His envy and malice upon us.

Not only those things which influence the soul are here reckoned as evils; but those also which so affect the body, the fortune, and the character, that evil and injury may be feared from them also to the soul. Though I should walk in the midst of the shadow of death, I will fear no evils, for You are with me. Enlighten mine eyes, that I may never sleep in death, lest at any time my enemy say, I have prevailed against Him.

8. Amen. So be it, so be it.

This should be pronounced with fervent desire. For the Lord hath heard the desire of the poor. Likewise, with great confidence, as asking those things which He has enjoined us to pray for. As St. John says: This is our confidence which we have towards God, that, whatsoever we shall ask according to His will, He hears us, and we know that we have the petitions which we request of Him. (From Paradise of the Soul printed 1880)

Revised by Karrol 2018


The Lord’s Prayer Meditation


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A MEDITATION ON THE LORD’S PRAYER. Collected from the Epistles of St. Paul.

Our Father, who is in heaven.

Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies, and the God of all comfort;’ who has predestinated us to be His adopted children, through Jesus Christ; who alone has immortality, and inhabits light inaccessible. With joy we give thanks to You, who has made us worthy to be partakers of the lot of the saints in light. For we have not received the spirit of bondage again in fear: but we have received the spirit of the adoption of sons, whereby we cry, Abba, Father. For the Spirit Himself gives testimony to our spirit, that we are the sons of God. And if sons, heirs also; heirs indeed of God, and joint-heirs with Christ.

2 Cor. 1:3; Ephes. 1:5; 1 Tim. 6:16; Colossians. 1:12; Rom. 8:15-17; Eph. 5:1

Hallowed be Your name.

Grant that we may be followers of You as most dear children; that we may walk as children of the light in all goodness, and justice, and truth, proving what is well-pleasing to You, and have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness; that Your name may not, through us, be blasphemed among the Gentiles. Let our conversation be worthy of the Gospel of Christ, that we may be blameless, and Your sincere children, without reproof; and in the midst of a crooked and perverse generation, like lights in the world, holding forth the word of life to Your glory in the day of Christ; that we may walk worthy of God, in all things pleasing Him; being fruitful in every good work, and increasing in the knowledge of God. Grant that, whether we eat, or drink, or whatever else we do, we may do all to Your glory!

Eph. 5:8-11; Rom. 2:24; Philip. 1:27; Philip. 2:15, 16; Colossians 1:10; 1 Cor. 10:31; l Cor. 15:50

Your kingdom come…

Since flesh and blood cannot possess the kingdom of God for this cause, we bow our knees to You the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, that You would grant us, according to the riches of Your glory, to be strengthened by Your spirit with might unto the inward man; that Christ may dwell by faith in our hearts and that sin may not reign in our mortal body. For You have delivered us from the power of darkness and have translated us into the kingdom of the Son of Your love. For we know, if our earthly house of this habitation be dissolved, that we have a building of God, a house not made with hands, eternal in heaven. For while we are in the body, we are absent from the Lord; therefore, we have a desire to be dissolved, and to be with Christ.

For which cause, we faint not, but though our outward man is corrupted, yet the inward man is renewed day by day. For that which is at present momentary and light of our tribulation, works for us above measure exceedingly an eternal weight of glory, while we look not at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen. For the things which are seen are temporal; but the things which are not seen are eternal.

Ephes. 3:14-17; Colossians 1:13; 2 Cor. 5:1-6; Philip. 1:23; 2 Cor. 4:16-18.

Your will be done.

For it is You, O Lord, who works in us both to will and to accomplish, according to Your good will. Make us, therefore, to be filled with the knowledge of Your will in all wisdom, and spiritual understanding, that we may walk worthy of You, in all things pleasing You. For this is Your will, our sanctification.

Let us not be conformed to this world, but reformed in the newness of our mind, that we may prove what is the good, and the acceptable, and the perfect will of God, for our will to do good is too weak of itself. For we are not sufficient to think anything of ourselves, as of ourselves, but our sufficiency is from God. Give us Your grace, that we may accomplish the same from our heart, as do Your ministering spirits, sent to minister for them who shall receive the inheritance of salvation.

Philip. 2:13; Colossians 1:9-10; 1 Thess. 4:3; Rom. 12:2; 2 Cor. 3:5; Heb. 1:13-14; 1 Tim. 6:6-8;

Give us this day our daily bread.

Godliness with contentment is great gain. For we brought nothing into this world, and certainly we can carry nothing out. Having, then, food and clothing, with these let us be content.’

Let our manners, then, be without covetousness, being contented with such things as we have. For You have said, I will not leave You, neither will I forsake You; so that we may confidently say, The Lord is my helper You are near, 0 Lord. Let us be nothing solicitous, but, everywhere and in all things instructed, let us know how to be full and to be hungry, to abound and to suffer need. But, above all, let us exercise ourselves unto godliness, which is profitable for all things, having promise of the life that now is, and of that which is to come. Grant to us not to trust in the uncertainty of riches, but in You the living God, who gives us abundantly all things to enjoy; to do good, to be rich in good works, to give easily, to communicate to others, to lay up in store for ourselves a good foundation against the time to come, that we may lay hold on eternal life.

You are able, O God, to make all grace abound in us, that, having all sufficiency in all things, we may abound to every good work. You who ministers seed to the sower, shall also give bread to eat.

Heb. 13:5, 6; Philip. 4:6; Philip, 4:12; 1 Tim. 4:8; 1 Tim. 6:17-19; 2 Cor. 9:8

And forgive us our trespasses.

Since in our flesh dwells not that which is good, so that the good which we will we do not, but the evil which we will not that we do, therefore, by sin reigning in our mortal body, we have obeyed the lusts thereof. Alas, how often have we yielded our members as instruments of iniquity unto sin, and have despised the riches of Your goodness, and patience, and long suffering, not regarding that Your benignity leads us to penance; but, according to our hardness and impenitent heart, we have treasured up to ourselves wrath against the day of wrath and revelation of Your just judgment, who will render to every man according to His works.

But let Your mercy, O most gracious Father, come upon us; and, showing us the riches of Your glory, make us vessels of Your mercy, prepared unto Your glory; and where sin abounded, let grace more abound.

Behold, we forbear threatening to others, that we may have You our Lord propitious to us in heaven. Put You also on us, as Your elect, the bowels of mercy, benignity, humility, modesty, patience, that we may be kind to one another, compassionate, and forgiving one another, even as You in Christ have forgiven us; to no man rendering evil for evil; but, if it be possible, as much as is in us, having peace with all men; not revenging ourselves, but giving place to wrath, leaving vengeance to You; and that we may not be overcome by evil, but may overcome evil by good. Make us to follow after the things that are of peace and keep the things that are of edification one towards another.

Rom. 7.18, 19; Rom. 6.12; Rom. 6.13; Rom. 2.4-6; Rom. 9.23; Rom. 5.20; Eph. 6.9; Col. 3.12-13

And lead us not into temptation.

Mindful of our weakness, we ask You, most tender Father, that no temptation may take hold of us, but such as is human, lest, as the serpent seduced Eve by His subtilty, so our minds should be corrupted, and fall from the simplicity that is in Christ Jesus. You, O God, are faithful, and will not suffer us to be tempted above that which we are able; but will make also, with temptation, an issue, that we may be able to bear it.

Rom. xii. 17-21; Rom. xiv. 19;  1 Cor. x. 13. 4; 2 Cor. xi. 3; 1 Cor. x. 13.

But deliver us from evil.

Finally, strengthen us, and keep us from evil; crush Satan under our feet speedily, that we may not be overreached by Him, for we are not ignorant of His devices. Grant that we may put on Your armour, that we may be able to stand against the deceits of the devil, and to resist in the evil day, and to stand in all things perfect. Put on us the breastplate of faith and charity, and for a helmet, the hope of salvation. Let us not trust in ourselves, but in You, O God. And therefore we are confident of this very thing, that You who have begun a good work in us, will perfect it unto the day of Jesus Christ. We believe You to be faithful who has promised.  For all Your promises are, It is, and. Amen.

2 Thess. 3. 8; Rom. xvL 20; 2 Cor. 2. 11; Ephes. 6. 11-13; 1 Thess. 5. 8; 2 Cor. i. 9; Philip, i. 6;  Heb. xi. 11; 2 Cor. i. 20.

From The Paradise of the Soul; Published in 1880

The Lord’s Prayer


Our Father who are in Heaven.

This is the preface of the Lord’s Prayer, which aims at captivating Gods goodwill, and on disposing the suppliant to love and fear, the most suitable affections for prayer.

For if He is a Father, is He not worthy of love? But what kind of love? for our love to Him should be measured by the extent of His goodness.

But what is the extent of our Eternal Father’s goodness? God is in Himself supremely happy, He is the creator of heaven and earth, our Lord and King, and yet He desires to be, and to be esteemed, our Father; and He delights for us in turn, vile worms of the earth and miserable sinners as we are, unworthy to be called His servants, to be, and to be called, His sons. Oh, what love has the Father bestowed upon us, that we should be called, and be, the sons of God! O immeasurable goodness of the Father! But where is the equal love of the sons?

Consider too what fear is due to this Father, who is seated on the throne of His majesty in heaven, yet is everywhere present, beholding severally each secret thing, and governs at once all things in heaven and earth? Great in absolute truth is the Lord, and greatly to be praised, and of His power and greatness there is no end. The cherubim and seraphim stand trembling before Him.

See, then, with what love and confidence, and yet with what humility and reverence, You ought to compose Your mind when You come to pray.

Next come seven petitions, in which we partly pray for blessings, and partly entreat to be delivered from evils. For, by prayer we make known our desires, so in the Lord’s Prayer we ask for those things which we may lawfully desire. Now, that which is the first object of desire is the chief good, or last end. We ask next for the means which are proper for obtaining this end. And, lastly, for the removal of those obstacles which stand in the way of our obtaining it.

Lastly, the chief good, and our final end, is God, whose glory we desire for its own sake, and from the sole motive of pure love, in saying,

Hallowed be Your name.

That is to say, May Your name, which is most holy and glorious in itself, be also thus, esteemed by all. May it be acknowledged by true faith, praised by steadfast hope, and worshipped by pure love. Not that our aid is needed for Your name to be holy; but because it is holy and glorious, and therefore the source and form of all holiness, let the holiness of our conduct declare it so. Let all our actions and behavior be so framed, that they who see our conversation and the works that we do, may glorify You, our Father in heaven.

Let this be fixed in our heart, frequent in our mouth, and acceptable in our work:


Here is a most easy exercise of purity of intention, to be practiced frequently during the day.

After this primary desire, the next is that of the glory of God relatively to ourselves, that we may enjoy it as our highest good. And this affection takes its birth from the love of God, since by it we love ourselves in God; thence we pray,

Your kingdom come

We ask this, O Lord, because we are here, strangers and exiles from our country, shut out from the sweetest presence of our dear Father, and overloaded with the heavy yoke of the prince of this world. Make us to pant after You in heaven with our whole heart. Permit us not to love the world or the things that are in the world, but to have a taste for and to seek the things that are above. But when the end of our pilgrimage on earth has come, make us to despise with a calm and joyful mind this kingdom of the world and all its pomp’s, and seek the kingdom that is above with an ardent desire; that so we may find with joy that inheritance which has been prepared for us from the beginning of the world, where You will grant us to enjoy You, and with Your eternal glory forever.

Now to obtain the Supreme Good, we have need of some other goods besides, as means and props. Of these, obedience to the commands of God is the chief. For He who does not do His will, is not ft for the kingdom of God; and He who does not keep the commandments, does not merit the privilege to enter into life. But without His aid who commands us, how shall we be able to keep them? Thus, we rightly pray,

Your will be done.

For You, O Lord, know that, because the flesh is weak, prone to evil, and wars against the Holy Spirit, our spirit, though ready, does not find the means to do Your will. For the body, which is corrupted, weighs down the mind, so that from His youth man’s senses are almost always more violently inclined to evil than to good. And it is that we often do not know what to pray for, or how to pray, or what is best for us. But You know this most perfectly, because You know all things. Make us to know what You would have us to do, and so direct our wills by Your efficient grace according to the good pleasure of Your will, that we may both will what You will, and perform cheerfully what You command. Give us grace to do what you command, and command what You deem best.

But that a man may more promptly perform the commands of God, it is also necessary that he should not be altogether destitute of the goods and provisions of this present life. For we are subject to various ills and necessities as long as we are here in this mortal body. Therefore, we make the petition,

Give us this day our daily bread.

Will You, that is, who opens Your hand, and fills with blessing every living creature; who feeds the young ravens, and does not neglect the birds of the air, but tenderly watches over and feeds them — will You abandon man to want? Man, whom You have created in Your own image, and by Your most precious blood have made an heir of heaven? We do not ask for what may serve to be luxury and pleasure, but for food and the supply of our necessities, that we may not be drawn away from Your service by the cares and anxieties of the world. And that we may have strength to serve You, both in mind and body, feed our souls also with the food of Your word. And above all, strengthen us in the wilderness of this life with the heavenly bread of Angels, that we do not faint in the way we are travelling to You, until we feast with You in Your kingdom.

Here, then, we have the order, the end, and the Author, of the temporal blessings we are to seek.

In the following petitions we pray for the removal of the evils, or hindrances, which impede the attainment of the end. They are chiefly three.

First, the commission of sin; for since in many things we all offend, we ought humbly and frequently to implore the forgiveness of our sins. But it is in vain for him to ask mercy of the Lord, who will not, when he might, show mercy to his neighbor. Bearing this in mind, we rightly use this form of prayer,

Forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive them that trespass against us.

In many things, alas, we all daily offend. Lord, we perish, unless, according to Your great mercy, You preserve us. But we know, too, that if a man treasures up anger against His neighbor, in vain He seeks succor from You. I pardon, therefore, from my heart all my enemies, and, out of my love for You, I am ready to do good to those who hate me, or who have ever injured me. I am sorry, from the bottom of my heart, that I have offended You. O Lord, be merciful to my sins.

This is a most easy and excellent method of making frequently an act of contrition.

Another hindrance is temptation, which urges us to sin, and hinders us from following the Divine will. Hence one who is freed from past sins, both dreads and seeks to avoid those which are future. But who can fly from them without the help of God? Therefore, from the knowledge we have of our own weakness, and of the power of so many enemies, to whom our life is always exposed, we pray,

And lead us not into temptation.

We acknowledge, O Lord, that without You we can do nothing, and that all our sufficiency is of You; do not let Your grace desert us, nor permit us to be driven back, and beaten down by any temptation of the world, the flesh, or the devil. You see our frailty, and the great power and craft of those who tempt Your creatures, so dearly redeemed. We do not doubt that all things are brought about by the loving counsel of Your providence; and that not to suffer, but to be conquered by temptation, is evil. Suffer us not, then, O Lord, to be tempted beyond what we are able, lest perchance we fail under the temptation, but help us to overcome it. But let Your grace prosper us, and the victory will be easy.

Another hindrance is the punishment we often meet with when freed from guilt. The many adversities of this life, as famine, wars, diseases, loss of property, reputation, life, sometimes affects severely even the most pious minds. So that we have cause finally to pray,

But deliver us from evil.

That which our feelings incline us to think evil, is not so in reality, and in itself, unless it is made so through our fault. For from You, O Lord, proceed all things, whether life or death, honor or poverty; how, then, can they be evil, when they proceed from the Highest Good? These, however, become evil, not unfrequently, through our fault, that is to say, through our impatience, cowardice, and mistrust. Strengthen us, then, with Your grace and comfort, and make all things work together for good to those that love You. Here cut and burn me, as a physician the patient who draws His last hope of life from these remedies, However severe. Here correct and chastise me, as a father the son for whom the inheritance is reserved. Nay, more, prove, and try, and purify me, as a refiner the gold which is proved in the fire. Harden me, as a potter must be seasoned for a time before the vessel is useful for what it is destined. (From The Paradise of the Christian Soul)


FFWith these, and similar meditations, the Lord’s Prayer must be seasoned from time to time; otherwise, what wonder if by frequent use it is often uttered with the lips, but seldom relished in the heart.

I Praise You God


, ,

To The Eternal Author, Ruler, And Judge, Of The Whole Universe,

God Three In One, All-Powerful, Wise, And Good,
The Abyss Of Justice And Of Providence,
The Father Of Mercy, The Thrice Great And Good,
Who Fills The Heaven With Your Glory,
The Sea With Your Power,
The Earth With Your Wisdom,
And All Things With Your Goodness, Nay With Your Very Self,
To The Most High Over All The Earth,
Whose Eyes Are Brighter Than The Sun,
Beholding Round About All The Ways Of Men.
The Great King, Above All Gods,
Who Alone Has Immortality, And Inhabits Light Inaccessible;
Who Have Ordered All Things In Measure And Number And Weight.
In Whom We Live, Move, And Are:
Who Opens Your Hand, And Fills With Blessing Every Living Creature;
Who Are The Beginning And The End
And The Supreme Good Of All Rational Creatures.
I Am Yours, All Things Are Yours.
Of Whom, By Whom, And In Whom Are All Things.
For What Have I In Heaven?
And Beside You, What Do I Desire Upon Earth?

O My God And My All!

Preparatory Prayer


, , ,

Almighty and everlasting God, I, am the work of Your hands yet an unworthy sinner. I come before Your presence to praise You, because You are my God, my Lord, my Creator, my Savior, and my Preserver. I know that only You can bestow gifts profitable to my own and my neighbor’s salvation, because You are supremely powerful. I do not doubt Your will, because You are supremely good. To You all creatures in heaven and earth owe praise, and we can never praise as You merit to be praised.

I come to pray to You Almighty God, unworthy wretch that I am, from the countless number of my sins. From the bottom of my heart I am sorry that I have ever offended You, my God, for You are supremely good, the One whom I ought to have praised and loved above all things. But You, of Your mercy, make me worthy, and cleanse me from all my iniquities with the precious Blood of Your Son Jesus Christ my Savior. Deliver my heart from all vain, hurtful, and absent thoughts, that I may be able to adore and praise You in spirit and in truth.

How can one who is an unprofitable servant find grace in Your sight? Look, O Father, upon the face of Your Son Jesus my Lord, in whom You are well pleased, in whose Name I humbly entreat You mercifully to hear me. I humbly ask that in Your infinite goodness that all I may seek for myself or others be done according to the good pleasure of Your most gracious will, to which in all things I cheerfully bow myself.

Behold, I offer You these most ardent prayers, devout affections, and holy desires. I offer You my thoughts, words, and works. I offer them all through the merits of Your Son Jesus by His Life, Passion, Death, and Resurrection. It is through Him all my defects may be blotted out. It is through Him, as our Mediator and Advocate, I offer my obedient service and prayer. May it be pleasing to You, Eternal Father!

Oh, that I might have the affection, zeal, and fervor that was seen in the apostles, so that I may be able to worship You, love You, and praise You as You so richly deserve!

Your eyes see my imperfection, O Searcher of hearts. I ask You to take away all sin and imperfections, especially N. and N., that is displeasing to You. Bountifully bestow on me the grace and virtues most necessary to me, especially these N. and N., so that I may more worthily serve You in my vocation and so that I may do all things to the greater glory of your Name.

This, only, O Lord, is the earnest desire of my soul, to serve you, please you, and follow You, now and forever. For you are my God and my All! Amen.

Adapted from Paradise of the Soul by Karrol

Daily Prayer No. 93

SAVE us waking, 0 Lord, and guard us sleeping, that when we are awake we may watch with Christ, and when we sleep, we may rest in peace.
Let us bless the Lord;
Thanks be to God.
Father, in Your power govern and protect me; in the wisdom of the Son teach and enlighten me; in the influence of the Holy Ghost renew and quicken me; O God let the blessing of the Everlasting and All Holy Trinity be with me, now and forevermore. Amen.

Prayer for Love and Service


, , ,

0 MY loving Father, I am not content to serve You and do the work You have given me to do. I desire to abide in You, and enter into the joy of holy communion. You are more than a Master; You are my Father and Friend.  While, I obey Your will as a devoted servant, I would give my love, my heart, my life unto You, and rejoice exceedingly in Your company. The very thought that You are near me must give me joy, or You are not dear to me. Your name must be far sweeter to me than any other sound, however pleasant, or my heart has not loved You. As the deer pants after the water-brooks, so must I seek the light of Your countenance at all times; for it is sweet to behold the face of my truest Friend and my dearest Father. Consent then, 0 Lord, to dwell in the recesses of my heart, and graciously guide me and gladden me with the light of Your presence. May it not fall to my lot to offer You the heartless services of outward morality. Teach me to love You and Your work, and help me to find strength and consolation and reward in the fact, that You are in me and I am in You, united for ever in the ties of love.

Book: Alone To The Alone Prayers For Theists, Edited, With A Preface, By Frances Power Cobbe 2nd Edition By Several Contributors Publisher: London: Williams and Norgate 1872 Revised and Edited by: Karrol Sneed 2015

Daily Prayer No. 92


O Lord you alone are Jehovahthe Most High over all the earthand the Ruler of the Universe! Angels and Archangels veil their faces before you in homage and adoration; all your works praise you, and your name is excellent in all the earth; your saints bless you and with adoring gratitude proclaim your name to succeeding generations.

Imitating the example of patriarchs and prophets; of apostles and martyrs; and above all of our Lord Jesus Christ the great exemplar of human duty, may we offer to you our bodies and our spirits a living sacrifice acceptable unto God, and our reasonable service. May we find a bower of prayer in whatever part of the earth we live; raise an altar in our family dwelling, however lowly or solitary; and consecrate a Bethel in every place of our sojourn among men.

May we be numbered with your people, share with them your partial providence in this world, and the inheritance reserved for them in heaven. May our habitation be blessed with those of the just, and not experience the avenging fury poured out upon the families who call not upon your name.

May the community where we shall dwell enjoy peace and prosperity; our land become Emanuels land; and the whole earth be filled with the knowledge of God through our Lord Jesus Christ, in whose language teach us ever to pray, Our Father, &c., &c.

Book: Book of Worship for Family and Private Use
Author: W. W. Everts
Publisher: New York: Sheldon & Company, 1865
Revised and Edited by: Karrol Sneed 2014

Advent Prayer No. 4


             Wise Men Still Seek Him


            How is it that these wise men, who were not Jews, were aware of the birth of the “King of the Jews”? That they not only understood who He was, but desired to worship Him (v. 2) shows that God is able to reveal Himself to people in all lands and call them to Himself. These wise men “rejoiced with exceeding great joy” as God used a star to guide them to the Christ Child, then they “fell down and worshiped Him” (vv. 9-11). They made great personal and financial sacrifices to see this Child: they traveled a great distance, spent months away from their homes, and gave extravagant gifts to this newborn King.

            Those who are wise today will listen for His voice, follow His guidance, and be willing to sacrifice everything for so great a privilege as meeting the King. See Php_3:8.

Advent Prayer No. 3 Praise


, , , , ,

YOU are worthy, O Lord, to receive power, and riches, and wisdom, and strength, and honor, and glory, and blessing.
Blessed be Your glorious Name.
For Your good soldiers in every age, striving lawfully, enduring to the end,
For the wisdom of doctors,
The zeal of evangelists,
The eloquence of prophets,
The love of pastors,
For the praises of babes, the ministry of women,
The purity of the young, the fervor of the aged,
For all the signs of Your Presence,
All the marks of Your Cross,
All glory be to You.
For the light of Your everlasting Gospel,
Sent to every nation and kindred, and tongue and people,
Shining so long amongst ourselves;
For Your Church, the pillar and ground of the truth,
Against which the gates of hell have not prevailed;
For Your gracious word of promise That they that be wise shall shine As the brightness of the firmament,
And they that turn many to righteousness As the stars for ever and ever,
All praise, all glory Be to You.
The Lord is gracious and merciful, Longsuffering, and of great goodness.
The Lord is loving to every man,
And His mercy is over all His works.
All Your works praise You, O Lord,
And Your Saints give thanks to You.
They show the glory of Your kingdom,
And talk of Your power,
That Your power, Your glory, and mightiness of Your kingdom,
Might be known to men.
Your kingdom is an everlasting kingdom,
And Your dominion endures throughout all ages.
Great and marvelous are Your works, Lord God Almighty;
Just and true are Your ways, You King of Saints.
Who shall not fear You, O Lord, and glorify Your Name?
For You only are holy;
For all nations shall come and worship before You;
For Your judgments are made manifest.
After this I beheld, and, lo, a great multitude, Which no man could number,
Of all nations and kindred’s, and people and tongues,
Stood before the throne, and before the Lamb, Clothed with white robes,
And palms in their hands;
And cried with a loud voice, saying, Salvation to our God, Which sits upon the throne,
And to the Lamb,
For the Lord God Omnipotent reigns.
Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Ghost;
As it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be, world without end. Amen

The Armoury of Prayer Compiled by Berdmore Compton

Advent Prayer No. 2


, ,

Almighty God, Father of all mercies, we are Yours. The God whom we ought to serve; whom to know is life eternal, and whom to serve is perfect freedom; we adore Your majesty and grace as they are revealed in the face of Jesus Christ.

We are sinful and rebellious creatures, and You are a consuming fire. But eternal praise be to Your wisdom, which provided a way in which You could be a just God, and yet a Savior. We praise and bless You for the Gospel, which reveals Your love to us in Jesus; that You have laid help upon One that is mighty; that You have delivered us from going down to the pit, because You have found a ransom. Accept us, this night, in Your beloved Son, the Lord our righteousness. We take hold of His salvation, and stand before You in our substitute; we rejoice, that in Him we can be justified from all things; that in Him You are a God of love.

May the Holy Ghost shed abroad in our hearts the love of Your name; increase in us true religion; nourish us with all goodness; and keep us in the same forever and ever.

O Lord, it is painful and grievous to us when we do not serve You better. Our hearts are too often charged with the anxious cares of earthly things. Our flesh clings to the dust; and our affections stray away from You, whom we ought to love. O our God, have compassion upon us, while we are struggling against the temptations of the world, the flesh, and the devil. Leave us not in our own strength to contend with our spiritual enemies, but let Your strength be made perfect in our weakness. O ever precious Savior, our great High Priest, our advocate with the Father, plead our cause, and supply all needful grace for the strengthening and refreshing of our souls. All that we can desire is treasured up in You. Give us whatever we need for Your service and for the enjoyment of heavenly things; so shall we be neither barren, nor unfruitful, in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.

And bless Your mourning church, O Lord, which suffers from deadness and division. Grant a fuller measure of the Comforter’s presence. O heal the wounds which sin and selfishness have inflicted upon Your members. Cause Your ways to be known upon earth. Make it plain, how Your servants should serve You. Leave us not in doubt with regard to those things which make for our peace. May we in sincerity of heart look to You for direction. O Lord, rouse Your slumbering servants among us, and make them ready for the bridegroom’s coming. Give us oil in our lamps; and so wean our hearts from all worldly things, that we may be ready, at any moment, to go forth when the cry shall be heard, “Behold the bridegroom comes.” Give to us all that preparedness of heart, that we may be enabled to rejoice at the sign of the Son of Man, and hasten to meet Him.

Look in mercy upon those who are still living to the world, and who are not looking for the advent of Jesus. Prepare their hearts to obey the gospel of Your grace. Give them faith in Jesus, as a Savior, and the spirit of adoption, to call You, Abba Father. Spare them, we beseech You, yet a little longer, and supply that Spirit, which will cause them to bring forth fruit to Your glory.

Hear and answer, O Lord, these our humble petitions for the sake of Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Book: Daily Prayers for Family Worship in a Course of Four Weeks
Author: Rev. William Dalton, B.D.
Publisher: London: Hamilton, Adams, and Co. Paternoster Row, Wolverhammpton: Simpson and Steen (1861)

Act of Self-Oblation No. 1


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I GIVE myself to You, O Father, as an unworthy sacrifice. I call to mind with humble reverence and admiration the Offering Which Your Blessed Son made to You in His Incarnation, and above all in His Death. I call to mind His love for me in redeeming me, in electing me, in regenerating me. I call to mind His love for You in glorifying You by saving and infinitely exalting us human beings. I wish to make a memorial to You of Him, and of His love, by imitating His self-devotion, as a member of His Body.

For this purpose, I now give all my heart, all my powers of thought, of speech, of action. I most humbly renounce all vainglory in what Your strength has enabled me to do to Your honor.

I turn my eyes from all that may feed my self-esteem, from all earthly things that can reward me here. I shut my ears to the praise of men. I seek only the honor that comes from You. I dread robbing You of any of that which I now profess to give wholly to You, by selling any part of it for the honor of men. 1 give myself to You, O Father, by the power of the Holy Ghost. Oh, do accept me; for Jesus Christ’s sake. Amen.

Book: Armoury of Prayer
Compiled by: Berdmore Compton
Publisher: LONDON: Rivingtons 1877

Advent Prayer No. 1


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O GOD, Whose blessed Son was manifested that He might destroy the works of the devil, and make us the sons of God and heirs of eternal life ; grant us, we beseech Thee, that, having this hope, we may purify ourselves even as He is pure ; that, when He shall appear again with power and great glory, we may be made like unto Him in His eternal and glorious Kingdom ; where with Thee, Father, and Thee, Holy Ghost, He lives and reigns, ever one God, world without end. Amen.  (Bishop Cosin, A.D. 1594 ; Book of Common Prayer, A.D. 1662.)

Morning Prayer No. 85



INFINITE Father, before engaging in our daily duties and daily cares, we would desire to commune with our own souls, and with You. In this morning quiet let us hear Your voice in our listening hearts. We remember that Your Beloved Son, the sinless and perfect one, went into a mountain, apart from men, for prayer and communion with You. How infinite the need of such meditation and prayer for Your faltering and sinful children! God, You have promised to draw near to those who draw near to You. O God reveal Your truth, and manifest Your love to the sincere and single heart of Your child here before You. Help us to gain that singleness of heart which will prepare us to receive great a blessing We need Your Spirit to enable us to pray aright, and truly fix our thoughts on You. O, hear our earnest cries for the grace to make our souls meet to become Your temple, and Your dwelling-place.

O God, our vain self-defense for our frailties and sins are gone when we come into Your presence, our excuses die upon our tongues. We cannot speak them to Your ear. We can only speak with the confession of the publican, and plead for mercy. And yet, O Father, though these meditations before You, prostrate us in humility, may we come to You in lowly joy. Set all our sins in order before us in the light of Your countenance. May we be strangers to all the world, rather than strangers to our own hearts. Rend away every disguise of selfishness and sin, and let us see what unworthy guests we have permitted to enter into our secret breasts, that we may drive them all away through Your assisting grace.

And then, O God, crown all Your mercies by sending angels to minister to us forevermore. May we long after You as the hart pants after the water-brooks. May we lay up within our souls an unfading treasure of holy affections and heavenly aspirations, which shall be the earnest and the foretaste of that life which is eternal. Grant us thus to find our strength and our rest in You, and then take us to thyself, in that forgiving love made known by Jesus, our Redeemer. Amen,

Book: The Alter at Home 2nd Series 8th Edition
Author: American Unitarian Association
Publisher: BOSTON: Walker, Wise, and Company 1891
Revised and Edited by: Karrol 2015

Who I Am in Christ


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I AM . . . A Child of God (Romans 8:16)
Redeemed from the Hand of the Enemy (Psalm 107:2)
Forgiven (Colossians 1:13,14)
Saved by Grace through Faith (Ephesians 2:8)
Justified (Romans 5:1)
Sanctified (I Corinthians 6:11)
A New Creature (II Corinthians 5:17)
Partaker of His Divine Nature (II Peter 1:4)
Redeemed from the Curse of the Law (Galatians 3:13)
Delivered from the Powers of Darkness (Colossians 1:13)
Led by the Spirit of God (Romans 8:14)
A Son of God (Romans 8:74)
Kept in Safety Wherever I Go (Psalm 91:11)
Getting All My Needs Met by Jesus (Philippians 4:19)
Casting All My Cares on Jesus (I Peter 5:7)
Strong in the Lord and in the Power of His Might (Ephesians 6:10)
Doing All Things through Christ Who Strengthens Me (Philippians 4:13)
An Heir of God and a Joint Heir with Jesus (Romans 8:17)
Heir to the Blessings of Abraham (Galatians 3:13, 14)
Observing and Doing the Lord’s Commandments (Deuteronomy 28:I2)
Blessed Coming in and Blessed Going out (Deuteronomy 28:6)
An Heir of Eternal Life (I John 5:11, 12)
Blessed with All Spiritual Blessings (Ephesians 1:3)
Healed by His Stripes (I Peter 2:24)
Exercising My Authority over the Enemy (Luke 10:19)
Above Only and Not Beneath (Deuteronomy 28:13)
More than a Conqueror (Romans 8:37)
Establishing God’s Word Here on Earth (Matthew 16:19)
An Overcomer by the Blood of the Lamb and the Word of My Testimony (Revelation 12:11)
Daily overcoming the Devil (I John 4:4)
Not Moved by What I See (II Corinthians 4:18)
Walking by Faith and Not by Sight (II Corinthians 5:7)
Casting Down Vain Imaginations (II Corinthians 10:4, 5)
Bringing Every Thought into Captivity (II Corinthians 10:5)
Being Transformed by Renewing My Mind (Romans 12:1, 2)
A Laborer Together with God (I Corinthians 5:21)
The Righteousness of God in Christ (II Corinthians 5:21)
An Imitator of Jesus (Ephesians 5:1)
The Light of the World (Matthew 5:14)
Blessing the Lord at All Times and Continually Praising the Lord with My Mouth (Psalm 34:1)

Psalm 46


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Psalm 46 God’s Defense of His City and People

<To the Heavenly Worship Leader for the sons of Korakh [Bald], A Song upon ‘Alamot [Soprano voices of young women].>

46:1 God Elōhīm (The Living Word) [The Many Powered] [is] our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. 46:2 Therefore we will not fear, though the earth be removed, and though the mountains be carried into the midst of the sea; 46:3 [Though] the waters thereof roar [and] be troubled, [though] the mountains shake with the swelling thereof.
Selah [stop and diligently consider what was just said].

46:4 [There is] a river, the streams whereof shall make glad the city of God Elōhīm (The Living Word) [The Many Powered], the holy [place] of the tabernacles of the most High. 46:5 God Elōhīm (The Living Word) [The Many Powered] [is] in the midst of her; she shall not be moved: God-Elōhīm (The Living Word) [The Many Powered] shall help her, [and that] right early. 46:6 The heathen raged, the kingdoms were moved: he uttered his voice, the earth melted. 46:7 The LORD Yehōvah [Messiah Pre-Incarnate] Tz‘va‘ot [of the Heavenly Armies] [is] with us; the God Elōhīm (The Living Word) [The Many Powered] of Ya‘akov [Heel of God] [is] our refuge.                                                                                                                               Selah [stop and diligently consider what was just said].

46:8 Come, behold the works of the LORD Yehōvah [Messiah Pre-Incarnate], what desolations he has made in the earth. 46:9 He makes wars to cease unto the end of the earth; he breaks the bow, and cuts the spear in sunder; he burns the chariot in the fire. 46:10 Be still, and know that I [am] God Elōhīm (The Living Word) [The Many Powered]: I will be exalted among the heathen, I will be exalted in the earth. 46:11 The LORD Yehōvah [Messiah Pre-Incarnate] Tz‘va‘ot [of the Heavenly Armies] [is] with us; the God Elōhīm (The Living Word) [The Many Powered] of Ya‘akov [Heel of God] [is] our refuge.  Selah [stop and diligently consider what was just said]. (New Messianic Version of the Psalms – Tov Rose)


O most merciful Savior Jesus, Prince of peace, at whose birth all the kingdoms of the world were in peace and tranquility.  Be in the midst of us, for You are our refuge and present help in times of trouble and public calamities. Be in the midst of us, O God our Refuge and help, when the kingdom is moved, and the hearts of men shake at the tempests of the same.

Dearest God and Father, unite all the parts of Christendom with the union of faith and charity, and make the fruits of them, a blessed and universal peace. Break the bow of the mighty, snap the spear of the warrior in sunder, and burn the chariots in the fire, that wars may cease in all the world, so that we all may feel the promised blessing of the Gospel, that our swords may be converted into ploughshares and our spears into pruning-hooks: that Your name and Your kingdom may be exalted among the heathen, and in all the nations of the earth.  Glory be to You, Lord God Almighty, who lives and reigns over all, in the unity of the blessed Trinity.  God eternal, whose world is without end. Amen. (Jeremy Taylor 1613-1667 –  slightly edited)

Repentance Prayer


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DEAR LORD GOD, You know I do not presume to come before You of mine own self, or relying on my own worthiness, for, when looking to this, I dare not raise mine eyes to You, nor would I know how to begin my prayer. But I come, based on Your most earnest desire and command that we should call upon You, and on Your promise to hear us. Besides, You have sent Your Own Son, who taught us how to pray, giving us the very; words. Hence I know that, my presumption in calling myself a child of Yours appears as great as it is. I call on You in obedience to Your will. Otherwise I would be charged with falsehood, and heap upon myself, in addition to my other sins, the graver one of despising Your command and doubting Your promise.

It matters not what kind of a person I was in the past, for though I am a sinner, I know my Lord Jesus Christ is not, He is ever just and gracious. So I will humbly and confidently call out, crying to Him for the forgiveness of my sins, not considering other questions; for now is not the time to ask whether I be elected or not. This one thing I know, that I need help, so I come and seek it in all humility.

Dear Lord God, the Canaanite woman was a Gentile; she could conclude, yea, could hardly help but conclude that she was not elected. If now she approaches You and does not permit such thoughts to prevent her prayer, I shall do the same and say: Lord, I come before You, I am in need of one thing; the forgiveness of my sins.  Whence else shall I obtain help but from You in heaven, through Your Only Son, my Savior, Christ Jesus? Amen

A Devotion by Catherine of Siena



In the Letters and in the Dialogue, her principal writings, Catherine of Siena describes the transformation that Christian faith and Baptism accomplish in the believer.  In one especially poetic passage, she writes to a knight-monk. His name was Nicholas di Strozzi, and he was a prior in one of the military orders that flourished during the Middle Ages. These knight-monks aimed to combine the virtues of chivalry with the ideals of self-discipline. To Prior Nicholas, then, Catherine writes:

Our King [she refers to Christ] behaves like a true knight who perseveres in battle until the enemies are defeated…. With unarmed hand, nailed fast to the cross, he defeated the prince of the world, with the wood of the holy cross as his mount. This knight of ours came armed with the breastplate of Mary’s flesh, flesh that bore the blows to make up for our wickedness. The helmet on his head is the painful crown of thorns, driven right into his brain. The sword at his side is the wound of his side, revealing to us the secret of his heart; it is a sword with a point of light that ought to pierce our inmost heart with the force of love. The staff in his hand is there in mockery. And the gloves on his hands and spurs on his feet are the scarlet wounds in the hands and feet of this gentle loving Word. 

What do we learn from this description of the suffering Christ? What does Catherine teach us about the transformation that brings the world stillness on Good Friday from noon until three o’clock? The answer is simple: We discover that because of his enormous love, Christ’s sufferings and Death cause the transformation of all that exists, the transformation we call Christian salvation. “What held him nailed firm and fast to the cross?” Catherine inquires. “Neither the nails nor the cross, which were not capable of holding the God-Man, but the bond of love for the Father’s honor and our salvation.”7 “What armed him?” Catherine further asks. Her answer: “Love.” The transformation that Catherine announces is one that creates in those persons who remain united with Christ a new ground for love, a new sort of loving. We call this freely bestowed transformation the gift of divine grace, both habitual and actual. The transformation affects both our persons and our actions.

Book: Compassionate Blood
Author: Catherine of Siena